The Ransomeware Threat

The Ransomeware threat landscape has evolved. Legacy attacks had hackers looking for financial credentials or to steal large quantities of private data to sell or make openly available. Ransomeware data is held hostage by being encrypted or even deleted until you pay the ransom money.

Legacy attackers hacked into databases and internal systems via root kits, key loggers and Trojans, bot net attacks, etc. Ransomeware attackers use advanced social engineering (sophisticated emails with a malicious file or link, website advertisements with malicious links)

Legacy hackers stole Information that could be bought and sold (credit card numbers, bank accounts info, social security
numbers, engineering plans and other intellectual property) Ransomeware hackers encrypted Information of value to
your business that you would pay to get back (operational data,
documents, research, budget information etc.)

Ransomware locks down the files required to run your business, There is no guarantee that you will get your files back, even if a ransom is paid.

Can your business afford a ransomware attack? Let us help you put a backup and recovery plan in place today before ts too late.

For Operating Systems that are no longer supported – Here is a link to Microsoft with somwe advice –