Remote Management and Monitoring

Remote Management and Monitoring has powerful capabilities that alert you to potential issues – and help prevent or resolve them quickly. Quickly take corrective action and see immediate results through the new services dashboard. Supports over 500 applications and devices: from PCs and laptops to smartphones and network infrastructure. Advanced scripting capabilities are used to automate resolution of common issues, conduct system maintenance and perform administrative functions.

Review, approve and automate deployment of security patches for Microsoft and other third party software to help you ensure your clients are safe and secure. Systematically track software and hardware on the assets you manage. Provide comprehensive reporting for our clients.

Comprehensive monitoring and management of iOS® and AndroidTM devices helps to ensure mobile devices adhere to your clients’ security policies. Easily manage multiple Office 365 sites from a single pane of glass easy-to-use console. Our VMware ESXi service module offers the same multi-site management to monitor and manage private cloud and virtualized environments. Integrates with the industry’s leading professional services automation tools including Autotask, ConnectWse, Tigerpaw, Servicenow, SalesForce and more.

Remotely manage devices and support users by connecting to their Windows devices to resolve issues, transfer files, chat with the user and perform administrative tasks. Take action faster than ever before and help make your business more profitable.