Managed IT Services and Support

Can you afford to be hit by Ransomeware worms. Just last week we had the spread of a new Ransomeware worm called WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r 2.0 or WCry? throughout the world taking down the likes of National Health Service in the UK, Telefonica in Spain, and French car manufacturer Renault. The Ransomeware worm seizes control of a user’s computer and encrypts all data until a ransom is paid to the cyber criminal in the form of Bitcoins.

WannaCry is differentiated from other ransomware as no human interaction is needed for the virus to be activated on a system. Normally, attackers would send out a link via social media or e-mail, and for the virus to be activated on a computer, users would need to click the suspicious link.

WannaCry exploits a vulnerability believed to have been built by the US National Security Agency to spy on people. Target computers were Windows computers that were not not running the latest version of the software. Once sent to a vulnerable computer, the virus spreads to the system and searches for other computers on the same network and distributes it to them.

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